Oh Dreams

If dreams were horses, beggars would ride.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Expectations VS Reality... Sad Sad Reality

I guess this is only something that a loveless person can say and I hope you won't take it against me but... "Men are simple and full of themselves." Of course, they have great and endearing qualities as well. I don't hate them, really, it's just the idea of women getting all negatively worked up because of a guy is just tiring to watch. And this is probably influenced by some random movie I just watch.

Anyway, life isn't like the movies where you can expect an ending, a happy one most of the time. Reality can really punch you in the face and knock you out if you're not careful especially with something as overrated as being loved or to love someone. 

If you're single and you've a clear mind on what guy you want, what do you think should he be? Surely, he's not overbearing, selfish, rude and insensitive. You'd go for sweet, loving and faithful. For people seeing someone special or for married folks, you found an individual worth keeping.

I don't normally give in to my sad emotions but I can't help thinking why it's hard for me to let go and let someone love me, or to take the chance of being with someone dear. I have issues, I know, and writing about it here like a girl writing on her diary is just shameful. Ha-ha. At any rate, it helps.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Turning A New Leaf

Hi. My name's Van and I just decided to change how I live my life. Blogging about it seems a pretty decent and initial thing to do. But honestly, I don't know the first rule or the basics about writing and posting stuff so I'd just write what pops into my head. Sounds interesting, yeah? Nah, I guess you probably have more pressing and entertaining things to do but what the heck, I'll keep on writing anyway.

First off, I decided to research about male psychology. You may probably wonder what it's got to do with my serious life changing plans and you're right, I don't either. But this stuff is pulling me in. Do you ever wonder why guys do what they do and love the way they love? Alright, we arrive at the L word. Love. Do you want me to spell check it for you? Ha-ha.

I admit I'm a loser at this. I don't have that special man in my life now and people say it sucks for me. I wonder why they appear so troubled with my lack of a love interest or my lack of interest about the subject matter. Period.

Perhaps I'm missing this,

Or this,

Or some of this,

Whatever the case, the verdict say that I'm incomplete without men. Now if i can just remember who the heck told me that and plant seeds of doubt in my mind.

Anyway, I'll keep on writing until I find him and I hope you give me tips or describe a particular experience of yours that sets you off the ground and flying to your dream man. Is there such a thing out there?